3 Sneaky Places Allergens Hide in Your Newport News Home

Dealing with allergens in Newport News, Virginia, are a challenge for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Managing indoor allergens is another challenge, especially when particles are hiding in sneaky places that make them hard to remove. Learn more about where allergens might be hiding in your home and how to combat them.

1. Air Ducts

As your heating or air conditioning system runs, it pulls air through the registers and ducts. It moves through a filter, which should stop most of the contaminants from moving through the system. However, when your filter is clogged or the particles are especially small, they may be able to sneak through and settle in the air ducts. Dirty ducts can cause serious indoor air quality concerns, often leading to allergic symptoms like congestion, sore throats, eye irritation, and coughing.

If you experience these symptoms when you’re at home, the contaminants in your air ducts could be to blame. Regular duct cleaning by a professional HVAC technician is the best way to prevent dirty ducts from impacting your health.

2. Bedroom

Bedrooms also tend to house a lot of pollutants that can make you feel congested when you wake up in the morning. Dust mites can accumulate in and around your bedding, so make sure to encase your pillows and mattress in allergy-proof covers. If you have carpet in your bedroom, use a vacuum with a HEPA-rated filter to trap small particles that are lurking in the fibers. It’s also helpful to keep pets out of your bedroom and especially off your bed to lessen the amount of dander in the space.

3. Kitchens and Bathrooms

Biological growth can pop up in damp areas of the home, especially when left untreated. Using exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom can help reduce how much moisture is in the air. A dehumidifier may also help if your indoor humidity level is out of control.

At Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling, we offer indoor air quality solutions that eliminate pesky allergens, so contact our team at 757-251-0579.

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