Why Does My AC Keep Turning On and Off in Hampton, VA?

Sometimes, your air conditioner may act unusually, leaving you worried. One of the unusual things your AC may do is to turn on and off frequently. We will discuss the causes of AC short cycling in Hampton, VA.

You Have Clogged Filters

Clogged filters reduce airflow into your air conditioner. The reduced airflow causes the system to work extra hard to pull air past the blocked filter. Overworking results in overheating and the system turns off prematurely as a precaution. It then starts again to try and cool your home.

Clogged filters reduce the system’s ability to cool your home and increase its wear and tear. Consider getting a new filter every one or two months during the cooling season, as the US Department of Energy recommends.

You Have an Oversized System

An oversized system is too large for your home’s cooling needs. For this reason, it will cool your home in a very short time and shut down before completing a cycle. An oversized unit cannot dehumidify your home efficiently since it doesn’t run long enough to remove the humidity.

Consider replacing your oversized unit with a correctly sized one. A professional technician can perform load calculations for your home and advise you on the most appropriate unit for your home.

Your Thermostat Is in the Wrong Place

Your thermostat reads the temperatures in your living space and signals the air conditioner to turn on and reduce the temperature levels. If you installed your thermostat near heating appliances or vents, you might get the wrong temperature readings. The same applies if you install it where it receives direct sunlight.

Detecting the wrong temperatures will cause the device to send wrong signals to the air conditioner, prompting the appliance to turn and off prematurely. A professional technician can help you install your thermostat at a convenient place where it will read your home’s temperatures accurately.

If your AC is short cycling, contact Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling for excellent air conditioning services. We will identify the underlying issues, fix them and restore your system to maximum performance.

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