When to Use the Fan on Your Thermostat in Williamsburg, VA

All of the different settings on your thermostat come in handy as the temperatures in Williamsburg, VA fluctuate. One setting you may not use as often as you should is the fan. We’ll go over the best times to use the fan in the following article.

To Avoid Hot Spots

Uneven heating and cooling can result in hot spots, which are areas around your home that feel warmer than they should. The fan on your thermostat keeps air moving around your home. Using it for just a few hours a day can remove those hot spots.

On Warmer Days

When the temperature in Williamsburg, VA is comfortable and warm, you can use your thermostat’s fan. This includes the spring season when temperatures climb but aren’t high enough to run your AC. This also helps clear out your home and keep it from feeling stuffy.

To Get Rid of Cold Spots

Cold spots can form when you run your heat or AC. The fan on your thermostat cycles more air through your home and keeps it running continuously. It does a good job of getting rid of any cold spots you usually feel.

When Cleaning

It’s a good idea to run the fan on days when you want to clean. During the long winter, your home can feel stuffy and suffer from poor indoor air quality.

Running the fan helps you remove some of the bad odors you detect and keep particles out of the air. The fan will move those particles to your system’s filter.

To Reduce Humidity

Spring and summer in Williamsburg, VA are often humid. Using the fan is a good way to reduce or limit the humidity around your house. To save some time, opt for the auto setting, which stops the fan from running unless the system also runs.

Get Help With Your Thermostat

Using the different settings on your thermostat helps you cope with the high and low temperatures spring brings to Williamsburg, VA. Learn more about getting your home ready for the season with professional help. Call us at Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling to find out when to run your thermostat’s fan or if you need help with any heating and cooling maintenance services.

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