Your furnace has been working hard all winter to keep you and your family warm in your Newport News, Virginia, home. All the wear and tear on the system can result in breakdowns and repairs. Dirty filters and fuel supply issues are two of the most common reasons your furnace might stop working. Want to learn more about the reasons that your furnace can stop working? Keep reading to find out.

Faulty Thermostat

Over time, the thermostat can become decalibrated. When this happens, it fails to signal the furnace to turn off and on. The same can happen if the batteries in the thermostat are dead and the electricity goes out. A faulty thermostat causes the furnace to stay on longer than necessary, which puts added wear and tear on the unit. Eventually, this wear and tear can cause the furnace to stop working. Calibrate the thermostat and check its batteries regularly to keep it in top-notch working condition.

Dirty Filter

You want the filter on the furnace to get a little dirty because it indicates that it’s doing its job of filtering the air. However, a dirty filter restricts airflow. To keep your home at your desired temperature, the furnace has to work extra hard when it has a dirty filter. Much like a faulty thermostat, a dirty air filter puts unnecessary wear and tear on the furnace and can lead to a breakdown. To ensure this doesn’t happen, include changing the filter in your HVAC maintenance schedule.

Faulty Wiring

Poor wiring is a common culprit of a broken furnace. Any time you notice a burning smell coming from the furnace, it’s best to shut it off. The same applies if you have a gas furnace and notice an issue with the gas line or smell gas. To protect your family from gas leaks, install a carbon monoxide detector. Keep the furnace turned off and contact a professional HVAC contractor. Anything electrical to do with your furnace should be left in the hands of a professional to prevent injury. Contact Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling at 757-251-0579 to learn about our quality heating repair services.

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