Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Suffolk, VA

You care about the health of your family. That’s why you’re concerned about the indoor air quality of your Suffolk, VA, home. Here are several steps you can take to improve your air quality and make your home a more comfortable, healthy environment.

Increased Ventilation

Increasing ventilation in your home means contaminants circulate through your home more quickly, reducing the pollutants in your home. Whole-home fans and other items help circulate fresh air in your home and may have a significant impact on your indoor air quality.

Home ventilation units provide additional methods to increase the air exchanges in your home, bringing in more fresh air from the outside. Heat recovery ventilators warm and humidify the air during the winter. They dehumidify and cool the air during the summer.

Keep It Clean

Clean homes have cleaner air. Regularly cleaning countertops, floors and other surfaces in your home will remove contaminants that may become airborne. While you’re cleaning, be sure to also check your furnace filter. Clean furnace filters are an important step in maintaining indoor air quality.

Consider Ultraviolet Technology

Suppose you’re looking for additional tools to keep pet dander, allergens and other contaminants out of your air. In that case, you may want to consider a whole-house UV germicidal air purifier. Units like the REME HALO utilize ultraviolet technology to kill viruses, biological contaminants and other airborne particles to improve indoor air quality. These units are affordable to buy, energy-efficient and require little maintenance.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Humidifiers add moisture to the home during winter when furnaces tend to dry the air excessively. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air in the summer months or for high-humidity areas like bathrooms. Improper humidity levels may cause many issues from damage to the home to breathing issues and excess air particles.

Indoor air quality plays a significant part in protecting the health and wellness of your family. If you have questions about indoor air quality products, reach out to us at Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling today.

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