Troubleshooting Your Tankless Water Heater in Seaford, VA

Having a tankless water heater in your Seaford, VA, home is a great way to reduce your energy bill and streamline the maintenance budget. Tankless systems are durable with about a 20-year lifespan, but they may have a few problems from time to time. Here are a few of those common problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Failure to Ignite

One of the best qualities of a tankless water heater is providing hot water whenever you need it. Sometimes, you may notice that the system isn’t heating water no matter how long you wait. When such issues occur, the problem is likely the fuel source.

When the heater isn’t getting fuel, it won’t ignite and heat your water. If you have an electric heating system, the breaker box could be the problem. If the solution is more complicated than a flipped breaker, it’s best to call your plumber.

Blocked Exhaust

Most tankless water heating systems are easy to troubleshoot so that when something goes wrong, it will give an idea of what might be wrong. Tankless systems need fresh air when they’re running and should be able to vent when heating the water. When the exhaust gets blocked, the systems send an error notification.

Ensure the channel is open when operating your tankless system. Also, check for objects or dust bunnies that may have blocked the vents. If your system continues to have such problems, contact a professional for maintenance.

Something Growing Inside the Unit

Your tankless system should have clean and clear water every time you turn on the tap. Sometimes you may notice a strange smell or water discoloration. Such a problem indicates a growth of something in the water heater.

Although this may seem like a big problem, it happens since your system gets exposed to minerals in the water. The minerals build up inside the system with time and cause the odor or the discoloration of water. Your system needs professional cleaning at least every six months.

Tankless water heating systems provide convenience, but like every other appliance, they’re not infallible. When they experience problems, it’s in your interest to contact a professional for inspections and repairs. For tankless water heater services, contact the team at Lighthouse Mechanical.

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