Save Money on Your Summer Cooling Costs With These 4 Tips

Summertime in your Hampton, Virginia, home can mean warmer temperatures along with higher energy bills to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Try some of the easy tips listed below, so you can keep your home cool all summer long while shaving a few bucks off of your energy bills.

Use Fans on Cooler Days

Not only will you reduce some cost by using fans on days where the temperature is not at its highest, you will also give your air conditioner the break it needs to prevent it from overworking. You can raise the temperature on your thermostat and use ceiling fans to push down the cool air and portable fans to help circulate it throughout your home.

Block the Hot Rays From the Sun

One of the simplest ways to lower your monthly energy bills is by reducing the additional heat that comes into your home from the sun’s rays. During peak afternoon heat, make sure all of your blinds and shades are drawn. If you are looking for a long-term solution, plant some trees by your windows where the sun’s rays are at their most intense.

Put Your Programmable Thermostat to Good Use

Controlling the temperature of your home when you are there and when you are away can lead you to significant savings over time. Program the temperature to gradually increase at least 10 degrees higher when you are away, and have the temperature gradually decrease close to the time you will arrive home.

Make Sure Your AC Unit Is Maintained

A well-maintained air conditioning system is an efficient one. Many issues can make your AC system work more than it needs to, costing you more and inhibiting its ability to cool properly. These issues can range from clogged filters to leaky ductwork and dirty coils.

Reduce your overall energy costs while still keeping your home cool by utilizing the four tips above. To learn some more energy saving tips or to schedule your AC maintenance, contact Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling at 757-251-0579 today.

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