3 Common HVAC Repairs You Shouldn’t Do on Your Own

Fortunately, Williamsburg, Virginia homeowners can easily handle a variety of HVAC maintenance and repair work. Common DIY tasks include changing air filters, cleaning off the condenser coils and de-icing air conditioners. However, your HVAC unit is a complex mechanical system that typically requires the attention of a certified repair technician to identify and fix issues. When it comes to these three HVAC repairs, you’ll want to call in the pros:

Electrical HVAC Repairs

The high voltages and currents that HVAC units need to operate pose serious health and death risks when inexperienced homeowners attempt to fiddle with electrical problems. You not only put yourself and your family at risk, but you can even void your homeowner’s insurance and create bigger problems that are costlier to repair. Licensed HVAC technicians have the knowledge of how to properly repair loose cables, replace broken capacitors and fix wiring shorts.

Replacing Refrigerant

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that nearly three-quarters of cooling systems do not have the correct amount of refrigerant. Low freon is the most common reason for units blowing warm air, but refilling it is not a homeowner’s task. Classified as a hazardous material, freon is heavily regulated and can only legally be handled by a licensed HVAC technician.

Preventive HVAC Maintenance

It is critical that you have a trained HVAC technician regularly inspect your system for damage or potential dangers. With an HVAC maintenance agreement, a technician will show up to clean, measure, tighten, test, lubricate and adjust the system’s internal parts every spring and fall. This will help to prevent small issues from developing into larger issues. A comprehensive review also includes checking air quality, inspecting ductwork and cleaning outside units.

Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling provides professional HVAC repairs for Williamsburg and surrounding communities. Contact our licensed repair technicians to schedule an appointment, or take advantage of our preventive maintenance agreements and tune-up offers to ensure that your HVAC system continues to run smoothly.

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