How to Make Sure You Have the Right Whole-Home Generator

Many people might not realize just how important electricity is in their homes until they experience a power outage. Power outages at your home in Hampton, VA, can be disturbing, but the good news is that a whole-home generator can be a great power backup option. Read on to learn how to choose the best generator for your needs and the type of house you have.

Consider Your Power Needs

Figure out your power priorities, and think about the appliances you might need to keep running in case you experience an outage. That can help you choose the whole-home generator that’s suitable for your needs. Some generators can keep everything in your home running as usual, while other types only keep a portion of your appliances running.

Types of Generators

You should also have an idea of the types of generators available. There are two types of generators, which vary greatly in terms of cost and functionality.

The first type, a standby generator, uses propane or natural gas and automatically starts once you experience a power outage. On the other hand, the portable generator uses gas. You must start it up so it can power your appliances.

Power Source

Whole-home generators don’t run on electricity, so you need to decide how you intend to fuel them. Most power backups run on propane, gasoline or natural gas. Make sure you’re clear on the fuel you want to use before you select a generator.

Voltage Requirement

Determining the voltage requirement suitable for your needs can be daunting. Given that voltage requirements have different phases, it’s important to get a professional to help you choose the right spot for your generator.

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