A heat pump is the perfect solution for heating and cooling your Williamsburg, Virginia, home. It works well in a milder climate, it works as a heater in the winter and as an air conditioner in the summer, which makes having a heat pump very efficient. Read more to learn how the system works.

Heat Pump Basics

A heat pump doesn’t generate warm or cool air; it transfers it. During the summer, the system works in conjunction with the cooling components of the HVAC system to remove hot air from inside your home and expel it outside. In the winter, the reversing valve is turned, and the unit draws warm air from the outside to heat your home.

Inside Components

The air handler is located inside the home. It houses the air filters, evaporator coil and the blower fan. The evaporator coil allows the refrigerant, which is responsible for absorbing heat from the inside of your house, to get cool enough so it can do its job. The blower fan then moves the cold air through the ducting system where it’s distributed throughout the house.

Outside Components

The outside unit houses the compressor, condenser coil, and a blower fan. When the refrigerant absorbs heat from inside, it goes through the compressor where it’s pressurized enough to go through the condenser coil. The coil and the fan release the heat from the refrigerant to the outside. The cooling fluid goes through an expansion valve and back into the evaporator coil to get cooled. It absorbs heat and the cycle continues in a loop. Schedule regular preventive maintenance to keep your unit running smoothly.

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