Your floors sparkle and your windows may shine. However, for most allergy sufferers, their Poquoson, Virginia home is only as clean as the air inside.

Did you know that the air inside your home can be five times dirtier than the air outside? In addition to dust, pollen and pet dander, the air quality inside your home can also be contaminated by what you cook.

A well-ventilated space allows fresh, clean air to flow freely. Although this is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality, air cleaners can prevent indoor air from becoming polluted in the first place.


Pollen is probably the most common trigger of seasonal allergies. It can cling to your clothing, hair and even your pet! Air cleaners remove airborne allergens from the air inside your home. By installing an air cleaner, particularly in your bedroom, you can significantly reduce the allergic triggers in the air.

Tobacco Smoke

Even if you don’t smoke, research shows that secondhand smoke causes respiratory illness. Maintaining a smoke-free home is the best way to keep your family healthy. Even if you step outside to smoke, your indoor air can still be contaminated by secondhand smoke. An air cleaner will remove any odors or lingering particulate that may waif indoors.

Pet Dander

If you suffer from pet allergies, simply bathing your dog or cat is not enough. Pet dander is minuscule flecks of skin that shed with your pet’s fur, so even with regular bathing, there’s still residual dander in the air. Air cleaners work by removing the residual dander from the air, thereby reducing the likelihood of allergic symptoms.

Although both indoor and outdoor air quality can affect your health, there are things you can do to keep the air inside your Poquoson home fresh and clean. For additional tips on improving the indoor air quality, call us today.

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