As a homeowner, one of the most concerning things to find is water where it doesn’t belong. This is doubly true when you find water leaking from a major appliance like your furnace. Here are some common reasons why your furnace is leaking water in Poquoson, VA.

Exhaust Pipe Condensation

If you have a conventional furnace, heated gases vent through a metal exhaust pipe outside your home. An improperly sized exhaust pipe traps these fumes, and the cooling gas forms condensation on the exhaust pipe, which drips back into the unit. A qualified HVAC technician can inspect your exhaust pipe and make any necessary repairs.

Condensation Drain or Pipe Clog

A high-efficiency furnace uses the heated gases for a longer period of time, and the resulting condensation drains through a PVC pipe to the exterior of your home. A clog in the drain or the pipe causes the condensation to back up and seek an alternate outlet.

Condensation Pipe Leak

Similarly, the condensation drainpipe itself can develop a leak. Depending on the distance that the tubing needs to cover, this leak may present itself in several areas of your home. This problem could result from a crack in the pipe or a failure in a joint, among other causes.

Condensate Pump Failure

If your furnace is below where the condensation drain line exits your house, your furnace contains a condensate pump to raise the water to the elevation necessary for drainage. A failure in the condensate pump is another potential source of the leaking water invading your home.

A water leak is a serious problem. If left untreated, the leaking water will continue to damage nearly everything it comes into contact with. Biological growth can form and make your family sick. Call us at Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling to check your leak and fix any HVAC issues you may have.

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