Beware of These 3 Common Heating Problems Homeowners Deal with

While the winter season in Hampton, Virginia, is a beautiful time of year, cooler temperatures mean that homeowners rely more on their heaters. The more frequently you use your heater, the more issues you will encounter. Here are some common heating problems that you should be aware of this winter.

Short Cycling

While it’s common for your heating system to cycle on and off as it’s warming your home, if you notice it cycling more often than usual, then you might need to change the filter. If a new filter doesn’t solve the problem, you should contact an HVAC professional as soon as possible. Short cycling like this leads to higher utility bills, and you’ll have to replace your system sooner if you don’t get the problem diagnosed and repaired promptly.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

If a furnace heats your home, it’s essential to install carbon monoxide detectors and regularly test them to make sure they are in good working order. While carbon monoxide leaks are more common in older heating systems, they’re not unheard of in newer systems. If your detector senses a leak, you should call an HVAC professional immediately. Carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly, necessitating expert repair. If your furnace is ten years or older, you should have it inspected regularly for leaks or changed entirely.

Cold Spots

When you walk into a room and it feels colder than other places in the house, this could signal a variety of issues. Improperly sealed doors and windows are a common cause of cold spots. You should inspect your doors and windows and apply weatherstripping as needed. If everything is adequately sealed and you’re still experiencing cold spots, then your system’s coils, vents, and air ducts may need to be professionally cleaned.

At Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling, our team of experts is happy to tackle any of your heating problems. Call us today at 757-251-0579 to schedule a heating inspection and tune-up.

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