Due to their efficiency, heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular. If your home’s heating system isn’t working properly, cold winter temperatures in Ware Neck, VA, can make you uncomfortable. If you’re shivering indoors, consider these five signs that you need a new heat pump to warm your home.


The most obvious sign of a problem with a heating or cooling system is the feeling of consistent discomfort. You’re probably feeling discomfort because your system is getting old. It’s practical to buy a new heat pump instead of spending extra cash on fixing your old system.

High Energy Bills

If your gut feeling is that you’re getting a high energy bill without any specific reason, it’s probably because of an inefficient heat pump. The age of the heat pump will increase your energy bills.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor air quality inside a house is mostly the result of a faulty heating and cooling system. If the air is humid and stale, it’s time for an upgrade. A new system will also contribute positively to you and your family’s health.


If the system is getting old, you’re likely to hear different types of noises coming from it. These noises are usually due to loose and rusty parts. Sometimes, the entire cooling and heating system, including pipes and ducts, requires your attention.

Faulty Compressor

If the system is blowing cold air when it’s in heating mode or vice versa, it means that there’s a problem with the compressor. Repairing a compressor is usually costly. A faulty one is a sign that you should start thinking about an upgrade.

If you’ve decided to replace your system, we can help you find the right one for your home. Call Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling for heat pump services, as well as a full range of other HVAC services.

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