5 Reasons That Spring HVAC Maintenance Matters in Hayes, VA

From hot and humid hurricane season to freezing temps over the winter, your HVAC system in Hayes, VA, is important to your home. Unfortunately, it’s easy to neglect your system until something catastrophic happens. Here are five reasons to get routine professional maintenance for your system.

1. Improved Air Quality

When your system runs, small particles in the air will collect throughout your HVAC system, even with a good filter. Over time, those particles circulate throughout your home, causing many problems. During routine maintenance, a tech will clean the areas where these tend to collect, reducing the amount of recirculating particles.

2. Reduced Utility Bills

Your HVAC system runs longer when it can’t circulate air freely or when a part is not operating as it should. This additional strain causes parts to wear out more quickly, resulting in additional heating and AC repairs. Your technician will evaluate each component to assess its operational efficiency.

3. Better Reliability

There’s nothing worse than experiencing the year’s hottest or coldest temperatures, only to have your system break down. When you have your system professionally maintained, you often catch minor problems early. This allows you to replace individual components before they strain and damage the entire system.

4. Extended Service Life

You can expect your well-maintained HVAC system to serve you for 10–25 years, according to HVAC.com. Their experts estimate that the average furnace will last 15–25 years and the average air conditioner will last 12–15 years. However, when you don’t maintain your system properly, this service life is often cut drastically short.

5. Warranty Protection

HVAC manufacturers know how important maintenance is for preventing premature breakdowns. Many require regular maintenance by a trained professional to keep the warranty valid. Forgoing your regular maintenance visit to save a few dollars now may end up costing much more later.

Make sure your system is ready to face the extreme heat when it arrives. Schedule your spring HVAC maintenance with Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling today.

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