Well-meaning friends and family may encourage you to attempt home repairs on your own. Along with this recommendation is usually their opinions on how to handle the repair and ways to save some money. Consider these four reasons to let the professionals handle the repairs on your Suffolk, VA heat pump.

1. Proper Equipment and Training

Professionals receive extensive training on how to handle just about any repair job you might need. Further, they come equipped with the right tools and parts to get your unit up and running quickly.

2. Maintain Warranties

Most heat pump manufacturers stipulate that you must have a qualified technician perform service on your unit. Failing to do so voids the warranty on your system, leaving you with work a warranty would otherwise cover. Even attempting heat pump maintenance on your own may invalidate your warranty, so trust the professionals.

3. Professionals Understand Safety

One of the biggest concerns surrounding working on a heat pump is safety. These units have a large electrical draw, and there’s also refrigerant to deal with during some repairs. Professional technicians know the right process to keep themselves and your home safe while working on your unit.

4. Maximize Efficiency

While a DIY repair may get your system back up and running, it may come at the sacrifice of your system’s efficiency. Professionals aim to not only get your system operating again but also to keep it running at its optimal efficiency. Relying on DIY repairs may end up costing you more in increased utility bills than what you would’ve paid had you gone with a professional.

Decreased Repair Costs

The training and experience professional technicians have allow them to prevent accidental damage to other parts of your heat pump. Some system components are extremely sensitive, so not handling them properly may lead to greater repairs or even needing an entirely new unit.

Keep your home safe and comfortable by getting the right professionals to handle servicing your system. Call to schedule your heat pump repair appointment with the NATE-certified experts at Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling.

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