In order for your Newport News, VA, home to be as comfortable as you want it to be, every component must work together as designed. Part of that design includes your thermostat working in conjunction with your HVAC system. If you start noticing any of the following signs, the time has come to replace your thermostat.

1. Inconsistent Temperatures

Depending on the temperature outside, your HVAC system may occasionally struggle to get your home to the precise temperature that you’re looking for. However, it should always be within one or two degrees. If you begin noticing wildly inconsistent temperature readings, that is a surefire sign that your thermostat needs replacing soon.

2. Short or Long Cycling

Cycling refers to the length of time your HVAC system runs and how often it turns on and off. If you pay attention, you should begin to notice a pretty consistent pattern when it comes to cycling. If it seems like your system is running on a different cycle than it usually does, whether it’s shorter or longer, the problem may stem from your thermostat.

3. Age of Your Thermostat

In the last few years, the technology behind thermostats has come a long way. Today, smart thermostats give you an increased amount of control and the ability to turn your HVAC system on or off from your smartphone or mobile device. If your thermostat is old and you want to boost your home’s efficiency, investing in a new smart thermostat provides a great opportunity to do so.

Our service technicians know how to make sure that your home stays both efficient and comfortable as the summer heat arrives. Call us today at Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling to learn about our smart thermostat installation process and the rest of our high-quality heating and cooling services.

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