3 Signs of an Inefficient AC in Your Seaford, VA Home

You don’t need to be an HVAC expert to identify an inefficient AC in your Seaford, VA, home. Most AC inefficiency signs are evident, and even the least tech-savvy person can identify them. Here are the signs that your AC is inefficient.

1. Your AC Makes Weird Sounds

You’ve likely familiarized yourself with the sounds your air conditioner makes while operating. Therefore, if you suddenly detect weird clanking, rattling, whistling or banging sounds emanating from your AC, you should instantly call your air conditioning repair specialist.

Weird sounds indicate a faulty system working harder than usual to keep your home cooled or heated. These signs tell of clogged air filters, faulty fan blades, leaking refrigerants and more issues that make the AC inefficient.

2. Your AC Emits Odors

An air conditioning system should produce the normal system odors while operating. However, if it suddenly starts emitting bad odors, it could indicate a faulty or clogged component. It could be burning wires, leaking refrigerants, loose fittings, clogged filters and much more.

It’s advisable to call your HVAC repair and maintenance tech soon after you notice the odors. Some of these odors indicate bigger problems that could leave the unit damaged if left unattended for long.

3. The AC Doesn’t Cool Your Home

You obviously wouldn’t want to deal with a failed air conditioning system when relaxing in your room during the hot summer weather. You can imagine the torment of the increasing temperatures while sleeping or watch your favorite movie or TV episode. If your AC stops working unannounced or takes longer to cool your home, it’s an indication of inefficiency.

Air conditioning repair and maintenance techs can handle the majority of AC inefficient issues through repairs. However, some problems may require replacing your old AC with a newer model.

When you notice any signs of AC inefficiency, you shouldn’t hesitate to call our techs at Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling for quality HVAC maintenance services. In addition, our highly trained and experienced HVAC techs offer services tailored to your unique preferences.

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