Using geothermal systems to heat and cool your Williamsburg, Virginia, home is comfortable, environmentally friendly, and efficient. They’re more expensive to install than a conventional heater or air conditioner, but you can get your money back over time through energy savings. Here are some exciting facts about geothermal systems.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Space

Geothermal heat pumps work almost the same way as traditional heat pumps. They exchange heat with the ground or a nearby body of water instead of the air. Instead of an outdoor unit, they have a network of pipes filled with water or refrigerant. This gives you more room for landscaping. With a vertical loop, you’ll only need a few square feet of suitable land because the pipes extend a few hundred feet underground. You can also place the pipes inside a nearby well.

Maintenance Is Easy

Geothermal systems last for two to three times as long as most other heaters or air conditioners. All the parts of these systems are underground or indoors, so you won’t have to worry about bad weather or other hazards. The pipes normally don’t require any care, and they last for decades. You should remember to change your air filter regularly and have your geothermal heat pump checked by a professional during maintenance visits.

Many Options Are Available

A geothermal heat pump that uses water instead of refrigerant can give you hot water as well as cool, conditioned air. That way, you won’t need a separate water heater. You can also use these devices to heat your pool. Geothermal systems that include radiant heating can use pipes filled with hot water to heat your home’s floors.

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