A whole-home generator can increase the value of your Williamsburg, Virginia, home and get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. It lets you continue your normal routine even if you have a power outage from a severe storm. With a whole-home generator, you can enjoy added convenience, safety, and security.


Whole-home generators can start automatically if you lose power, keeping your alarm clock, your refrigerator, and other essential devices working. You won’t wake up too late for work, have to take a cold shower because your hot water’s not working, or need to worry about cleaning out a smelly fridge.

You won’t have to use extension cords to connect your appliances to a noisy portable generator, and you can keep the power on in your entire home. You’ll also be able to check the latest news on TV instead of relying on your phone or a battery-powered radio.


A whole-home generator can keep your HVAC system working. Without heating and air conditioning, your home could get too hot or cold to stay in safely, especially for people who already have health problems. A whole-home generator can keep medical equipment working after a power outage and let you charge your phone to call for help if needed.


Your home’s security system can’t work without power. You’ll also need a generator to make your house look like there’s someone home. Security lights and alarms can scare away potential thieves. You can check cameras, smart locks, motion detectors, and other devices wirelessly from your phone or computer. If there’s a severe storm while you’re away, you can check on your house from anywhere.

Lighthouse Mechanical Heating and Cooling has been providing HVAC and whole-home generator services since 2001. We back our work with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, and we offer flat-rate pricing for all our maintenance, repair, and installation services. You can call us anytime at 757-251-0579 for outstanding service from our experts.

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