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Trane Air Handlers

Trane’s Hyperion air handler is built unlike anything the heating and air conditioning market has ever seen. The state of the art cabinet design prevents unhealthy air from attics and crawl spaces from entering the air stream. This means you and your family will breather cleaner air for years to come.

Trane Hyperion Air Handler

Hyperion XL Air Handlers are designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. The unique cabinet design of Trane Hyperion air handlers greatly reduces condensation and sweating while drawing in fewer dust particles and less moisture into the cabinet. The variable-speed fan found in TAM8 and TAM7 models controls humidity while eliminating hot and cold spots in your home.

Trane Hyperion Air Handler

Hyperion XR air handlers are built with an efficient, multi-speed fan for better comfort and performance. What makes the Hyperion line so unique is its tough, double-wall construction. The cabinet is insulated with enclosed foam between the walls, much like a refrigerator. The prevents loose insulation from getting into the air that your family breathes.

Trane Air Handler

TEM6 The TEM6 air handler is built with a variable-speed motor to reduce operating noise while eliminating hot and cold spots. The TEM line of air handlers is built to be efficient and economical.

TEM4 Trane’s TEM4 air handler feature Trane’s high efficient all-aluminum coil and are built to be economic and dependable. The corrosion resistant finish will ensure a cleaner appearance for years.


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